Wednesday, 6 February 2013

This is a letter to my true friends, fellow country men, Nigerians, Africans and patriots.

It's time again for us to rekindle the fire that burned out our passion and patritism for the service of the father land. Haven been through the strom, the rain, and the fire, we remain consistently and constantly re-inspired by the laours of our hands, the pains of our brethren, and the vision of the nation we deserve. I urge you with the utmost possible and veracious reality, not to soon be found giving up on us as a nation. We will emerge amisdt the crisis of the hinterland, the strife of the poor peasant and rural farmer, the graduate who payed his dues burning the night candle in the class amidst mosquitoes, roaches and fear but can't be seen to find a job for which he can recieve the priviledge to put to work that for which he paid the dues. I hereby urge you again to rise, and stand straight and tall, in the face of the devastating calamity that befalls us as a nation, rise above the pointification of government without any real progress, above the nepotic and subvert acts of the apparatus' of states and the paraphenelia of govt. Let us countermine the mediocrity of govt forces that seeks to put under bondage and back into colonialism the people of Nigeria to whom soveregnty belongs. Not by guns, arms or forces of evil vices, but by the power of goodwill, in retrospect to the surferings of the talakawas, to the glory of God and of our heroes past. Rise and lets build Nigeria again.

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